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Homemade snacks

Included in both 2,5 hrs and 4 hrs programme

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Wild venison sausage

Our venison sausages are handmade by our butcher. Venison is one of the most delicious meats, with the deer’s varied diet giving the meat fantastic flavour. As the deer are wild they are particularly lean, meaning that many regard venison as the healthiest of all red meat. These sausages are delicious, meaty and with a true taste of wild venison.

Pheasant soup

Pheasant is a game bird, with a delicious, gamey taste.   Completely free-range, they are nursed by our gamemaster and kept for shoots in october-january.
Pheasant contain a high level of iron (not to  mention the occasional hail you might get in your plate) , protein, vitamin B(6) and selenium. The soup is delicious with vegetables and the utterly  danish "kød og melboller".

Homebaked butter cookies

Desiree's favorite thing to do in the kitchen is to try simple, classic recipes and make them again and again until they’re perfect. Butter cookies made the right way, with the perfect touch of the hand are so satisfying when eaten with a cup of coffee or tea. This simple cookie is just really really good.

Smørrebrød and Danish Pastry

Included in the 4 hour programme

No trip to Denmark is complete without "Smørrebrød" or "smorgasbord". It delicious and is a beloved part of Danish cuisine. In fact, it's our national dish! The sandwich consists of a base of rugbrød (rye bread), a main component (usually meat or fish), and garnishes to create the perfect balanced bite! For the sweet finish have Desiree's famous Danish Pastry also called "Kringle".

Smorrebrød Skjoldemose
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