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Skjoldemose Manor

Andersen Hometown Denmark

Skjoldemose Manor is 450 hectares sustainable farmed estate privately owned by the Ulrich family for over 115 years. The estate has an incredible array of activities throughout the year. From relaxing deep-nature experiences to seasonal happenings, there’s always something fun going on hosted personally  by the owners Lars and Desiree.

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Meet Lars and Desiree

A private welcome


350 years of history and a magical garden

Butter cookie baking

Traditional danish "hygge" and 100% fresh natural ingredients. Bake your own and bring back to friends and family.

Active tours

Adventure in the ancient trees - a magical day!

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Skjoldemose er en Herregård placeret i det smukke, kuperede terræn mellem Stenstrup og Vester Skerninge. Ejendommen har været i familien Ulrichs eje siden 1905 og driver primært planteavl.
I dag er Godset hjemsted for Sydfyns største naturturistattraktion, trætopsklatreparken Gorilla Park samt mange andre aktiviteter.

Rødmevej 45, 5771 Stenstrup, Denmark


斯歌德姆庄园 所有者

地址: 丹麦Stenstrup, Rødmevej 45号

电话: +45 40266033

微博: 丹麦斯歌德姆庄园

微信: 40266033 (Skjoldemose Manor house)

Chinese office:

China Salesoffice ph: +86 135-0128-7237     

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