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Now that's what we call "hygge"!

Bake butter cookies and enjoy many cozy and fun outdoor activities.

A personal welcome to traditional danish estate lifestyle at the only manor in Denmark where you can spend a cozy ”hygge” time with the family who reside on the stunning estate. Accompany the owner Mrs. Desiree Ulrich in delicious traditional butter cookie baking in the 350 year old kitchens try an amazing variety of out-door activities. Choose between 3 packages of 2 and a half hour, 4 hours or 6 hours.

Skjoldemose Manor is 450 hectares sustainable farmed estate owned by the Ulrich family for over 115 years. No where else will you be able to have so many activity choices in a marvelous and grand setting. Why not extend your butter cookie baking experience with gunshooting, dancing, ziplining, hiking? Only 10 minutes from the beach go kayakking, fishing or Island hopping.

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The living manor house

Guests are encouraged to play around on the lawns of the beautiful park and in the rolling fields and ancient forests surrounding the estate.

For adventure overs book a breathtaking experience in the tree top ziplines. Back down on the ground again join Lars and Desiree as they light up a bonfire with danish stickbread and other homemade delicasies. Reward yourself with freshly baked cakes or a delicious meal served on the panoramic terrace.

Visiting Skjoldemose manor goes straight to your heart. An extraordinary cozy day for everyone - families with children, FITs, groups and young travellers. A once in a life time experience for busy citypeople.

All packages include tradtional danish butter cookie baking.

If you choose the 2,5 hour or 4 hours package you will be able to visit Andersen Hometown or Egeskov Castle on the same day.

• All activities can be combined together and provided with lunch or dinner.

• Activities can also be bought with overnight accomodation including a visit to H.C. Andersens house and Egeskov Castle. Sleep at 4-5star accommodation in Svendborg or Odense or at a local B and B.

The activities offered at Skjoldemose Manor is very flexible and offers different activities and styles to attract and cater for different type of groups and customers’ needs.

About the manor: Welcome
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