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Activities at the manor

Come and sit down in Desiree's kitchen.  Have a go at making your own butter cookies or just relax with a nice cup of tea. If you're ready for more action you can choose from our long list of fun activities here:

Traditional Butter Cookie Baking

Get your hands in to it

Bake with Desiree in her historic kitchens. 100 % fresh and natural ingredients of flour, butter and sugar of the highest quality.


Welcome inside

Let's get personal

Cultural exchange on a personal level. A  private welcome in to a danish manor house. Get to know the family who have been reciding there for over 115 years.


Meet Mr. Andersen

Unforgettable magic

A dinner or lunch hosted by Hans Christian Andersen. Join us for a wonderful fairy tale experience in historic surroundings in a house and garden that could have been the inspiration for our great fairy tale master.


The garden and park

Summerbirds and fresh breeze

Welcome to a fairy tale garden that could have been the inspiration for H.C. Anderson's story 'Thumbelina'. Amongst lawns and vast ancient trees, the beautiful lake has everything that Thumbelina would recognise - water lilies, frogs and fishes.


Active Zipline tour

Tree Top Adventure

Adventure in the ancient trees. 8 different levels of difficult. Go up 25 meters or stay near the ground at 1-2 meters, there is something for everyone. The park in located only 900 M from the manor within the private hilly landscape ovelooking the south Funen Archipelargo. Reward yourself with a meal or afternoon tea in the deep forest after your flying adventure.

Active Zipline 4-kopi.jpg

Bonfire & Stickbread

Relax in nature

Stickbread by the open bonfire is the ultimate danish "hygge" experience. Listen to the sounds of the crackling fire deep in the forest whilst spoiling yourself with the tasty crusty treat adding a topping of your choice accompanied by local breed sussages from free range pigs.


Clay target shooting

More than just a shooting lesson

Enjoy the exhilaration of our clay pigeon target shooting. Our instructor offers the very best expert instruction in sporting clay target shooting, at all skill levels.


Tractor farm ride

Go deep into nature

Enjoy an educational and fun experience at the same time! Get a good overview of our estate as we rush through green forest and hilly fields.



Discovery & Exploration

Enjoy kayaking in Denmarks most spectacular and beautiful archipelago "Det Sydfynske Øhav"
When the sun is shining and the water is smooth as a mirror - you can't see where the ocean ends and the sky begins. Led by professionals 100% safety garanteed.

Action out foor jpg main photo.png


Walk - you know you want to.

Go on! Walking is mindfullness.
As well as being one of Syd Fyns many pretty estates, Skjoldemose is renowned for it's diverse nature and rolling hills. All surrounded by 11 KMs of 250 year old stonehedges. Choose between our many Easy-to-follow paths or go more wild. You will want to spend some time taking in your packed lunch at the top of "Møllebakken" or enjoying crackling bonfire tea in the deep forest.

Forest Grass

Traditional Folk Dancing

The local queen of folkdance is your teacher

Get sweaty! Folk dancing is fun and Denmark enjoys a rich cultural heritage which includes a diverse collection of traditional dances. Each area has it's own dress code and styles.


Andersen Hometown

He was born here

A complete original 200 year old house. Just as it would have looked like when fairy tale master lived there as a child. Spend 1-2 hours visiting Andersen Hometown. 35 mins drivetime from Skjoldemose Manor.

Activities at the manor: Education


100 % fresh natural and local ingredients. Traditional danish country life meals served inside private dining room or on panoramic terrace in forest.


Grandmothers cooking

2 courses local ingredients

Traditional Danish family meal roated pork

Traditional dressed service

Royal Copenhagen tableware

Photo nr 6. tea time out door-kopi.jpg

Afternoon tea

served on panoramic terasse

Afternoon Tea
Handmade bread and cake
Coffee and Tea

Flaming Barbecue Meat


a family favorite

Forest Campfire Barbeque

100% Natural fresh local meat

Salads, vegetables,tea, soft drinks, dessert

Activities at the manor: Produkter

Attractions near by to be combined with a visit to Skjoldemose Manor

Combine your historic adventure with  Egeskov Slot and Andersen Hometown.

Check out our surgestions below and get in touch for more information.


Egeskov castle

Denmarks most famous castle. Build in 1560, today, Egeskov is famous for being the best preserved moat castle in Europe. 12 mins drivetime from Skjoldemose Manor.

Andersen Hometown

The childhood home of Hans Christian Andersen. Just like a fairy tale he was the poor boy who became world famous, born as a son of a washlady and shoemaker... 35 mins drivetime from Skjoldemose Manor

A vikingship full of horses

In our opinion the best viking experience in all of Denmark. Visit the 1000 years old vikingship, still situated in the burial mound. 45 mins drivetime from Skjoldemose Manor

Activities at the manor: Education
Activities at the manor: Services

You might also wan't to go and see..

Valdemars Slot 20 minutes by car from Skjoldemose Manor

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