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Visit us 4 hours

5 activities included

1. Manor and garden tour with owner

try our homemade delicious snacks

2. Forest hike around the estate

3. Traditional butter cookie baking

4. Tennis in the garden with coach

5. Enjoy a traditional meal of "Traditional Smorrebrod" 


Welcome -  let's get to know each other

Spend half a day with us and get to know the old house, the grounds that surrounds it and our family that recides here. Desiree has many fun stories and she loves meeting new people and making them feel welcome and relaxed.

Forest hike

The perfect spot for mindfullness.
Walk with the one you love in our sustainable forest. beech, oak, conifers and many more. Breath fresh air and get exited as deer and pheasants jump around you on the deep forest trail.

Foggy Forest

Manor and garden tour

The manor is over 350 years old and surrounded by a beautiful garden and park. Let me take you on a private guided tour of our rich birdlife garden lake, my mother in laws faboulous kitchen garden, the horse stables, farmbuildings etc. Kick off your shoes and stroll barefooted on our lawn (kept spotless by our 14 year old son Oscar). Feel welcome to play games  or just sit back and relax. Inside the manor and I will show you the old salons and rooms where everything is a fun mix of a private modern home and 100% protected original decor untouched.

Traditional Butter Cookie Baking

Skjoldemose Manor is know for its wonderful tasty and crunchy butter cookies made only with the best and 100% natural ingredients. Follow me down to our kitchens under the manor and let's get dirty! I will be showing you how to make a whole platefull of deliciuos butter cookies. Have as many cookie jars as you like to bring back home to friends and family.

SjoldmoseGods-01A kopi-kopi.jpg

What if the weather is cold? Don't worry  we will warm you up

A crackling bonfire is 100% danish "hygge".

Danish Pastry baking course

Ask Desiree to book you in for a baking course in danish pastry instead of the butter cookies. Its a little bit more work, but it is worth it.

Kringle danish pastry_edited_edited.jpg
Skærmbillede 2023-04-11 kl. 20.15.09.png

Meal included

This meal is as danish as it gets. A lush serving of traditional danish Smørrebrød.  A kind of open sandwiches with all the best is probably the best way to  explain it.  For the kiddies we have a special style that they will love.

Bring your cookies home

Everybody  gets as many cookie jars as they like -  you can make all your xmas presents! 

tennis court_edited_edited.jpg

Play tennis with a coach

Everybody will get an exiting and fun afternoon on our court. We are a tennis family and if you are a beginner or your children never played before, we still guarantee they will love it after this!

Hiking -guests just love it

A walk  amongst  ancient oak and beech in the surrounding woods of the estate.

Skærmbillede 2023-04-12 kl. 11.36_edited.png
Skjoldemose Manor home-kopi.png

Interested in history?

The manor was built in 1662 and all original interior. But it is also home and a farm.

Homemade snacks are included in your visit

Wild venison sausage, pheasant soup and buttery butter cookies

Skærmbillede 2023-04-12 kl. 17.40.48.png
Skærmbillede 2023-04-12 kl. 11.03_edited.jpg

Danish "Smørrebrød" included in your 4 hour visit to the manor house

Smørrebrød, which is basically an open-faced sandwich, is a beloved part of Danish cuisine. In fact, it's our national dish! The sandwich consists of a base of rugbrød (rye bread), a main component (usually meat or fish), and garnishes to create the perfect balanced bite!

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