Visit us 2,5 hours

Manor and garden tour with owner

Traditional butter cookie baking

Excurtion on farm tractor

Choose your meal seperately

Personal welcome

Lady of the manor Desiree Ulrich, live on Skjoldemose with her 3 children and husband Lars Ulrich. She loves to show you around and make you feel welcome!

Manor and garden tour with the owner Desiree

The manor is over 350 years old and surrounded by a beautiful garden and park. Let Desiree take you on a private guided tour of the beautiful garden and lake, the horse stables, farmbuildings etc. Kick off your shoes and stroll barefooted on the soft green lawn.

Traditional Butter Cookie Baking

Skjoldemose Manor is know for its wonderful tasty and crunchy butter cookies made only with the best and 100% natural ingredients. Have as many cookie jars as you like to bring back home to friends and family.

Excurtion on farm tractor

Buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride! Skjoldemose Manor is known for its hilly landscape and rolling hills. Not an easy farm - but surely one of the most beautifull in Denmark. Enjoy the wind in your hair and at the same time get to know alot about the crops and the way the Ulrichs have farmed their land for over 115 years.

The great hall

The stairway in the hall is a wooden copy of the staircase in the royal castle in Copenhagen, Amalienborg

Baking is for everybody

Denmark is know for it's  delicious buttercookies -  learn how to do it in half an hour.

Private afternoon tour

Let's go enjoy the fresh air and the hilly landscape together. The old fashioned way!


Rødmevej 45, 5771 Stenstrup, Denmark


斯歌德姆庄园 所有者

地址: 丹麦Stenstrup, Rødmevej 45号

电话: +45 40266033

微博: 丹麦斯歌德姆庄园

微信: 40266033 (Skjoldemose Manor house)

Chinese office:

China Salesoffice ph: +86 135-0128-7237     

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